Community engagement: How to connect with customers and build relationships.


The big question for many is how to keep a community member or customer engaged so that you will be the first choice when they have a need for your services or products.

The goal here is to be engaging, attractive, fun, and make customers see you as a thought leader. that might sound so difficult if you aren’t a brand, but it’s just a matter of these great rules being applied to your strategy.

So, What is Community engagement?

For a business, A community engagement strategy is the primary way to build a bigger business, be attractive to new potential customers, and Keep their attention.

Importance of community engagement

Community engagement is more important than anything if your objective is to build, grow, or successfully interact within an online community. There are many ways to attract a customer, but keeping one needs perseverance, creativity and a lot of work.

Think of all of the work that goes into a personal relationship between the brand and your customers and that special attention, care, and concern that is doled out in the very beginning.

Now think how quickly the connection falls apart when it starts to wane. If you would like to stay the opposite person engaged and vested within the relationship you’ve got to stay up that very same level of special care, attention and concern. Online Communities are no different and in both cases, actions speak louder than words. You’ve already established that simply

building, it won’t make them come. But if you engage your customers while they’re there, they’ll come back, and they might bring others with them.

Best ways to increase community engagement on social media

1. Use images and tell stories.

 Here’s a staggering fact for you, images posted on Facebook get 179% more interaction than other posts. focus your images on telling stories about How to use a product, customers’ feedback to a product, and an event timeline to launch a new product.

2. Share feedbacks

Customers trust other customers’ opinions and experiences. You need to encourage your customers to leave feedback and reviews from their experiences with your products. Turn these great experiences into a shareable moment.

3. Make them smile

 It’s not always about selling. your customers need something to brighten their day or motivate them, and why can’t it be a post from your business?

Images, videos and inspirational quotes help humanize your brand and put a smile on your customer’s face.

Tips helping you on Community engagement

  • Be always Enthusiastic
  • Make a Conversation with your customers.
  • Positive Attitude Matters Most in Communications.
  • Know Which Platform for Which Kind of Content.
  • Show care and Be Interested in Your Community.
  • Just be a Real Person.

If your community engagement strategy is properly focused, there will be a greater return on the time you invested in building and growing your online community. Another result will be attraction of new potential customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

How to start to grow your online community?

Just tell Shift-Pro. Allow them help you achieve your business goal by building and nurturing your community to be the first place your customers go once they need your service.