Protect content from piracy ( Copyright management )

This service is not for everyone, but it is a very small category for everyone who has content
Audio content, visual content, or digital content
Every owner of the content or intellectual property rights is exposed to piracy and theft
And here comes the role of Shift Pro for digital services.

  • Audio content
  • visual content
  • books
  • video content
  • digital content
  • Artistical works

social media platforms
Video platforms
Audio platforms

Invest your content on social media platforms with ShiftPro

While protecting your copyrights, you will also increase your profits
With Shift Pro, you can protect your content, collect profits, and also increase your reach to your audience . 


CONTENT PRODUCTION With the growth in digital video consumption came to the need for different consumption patterns on different digital platforms.

 Shift pro partners up with creative production companies to produce digital content for YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms of different lengths and in different genres.

 With our in-house content and production team, our services include the production of different formats ranging from 30-second advertising copies to long-format shows.

Why Do you Need That?
  • Protect your assets on YouTube

  • Reach More relevant Audience

  • Get More Earnings


There are a lot of YouTube networks available to help with optimization, monetization, copyright protection and any other details people do not initially think about. If the goal is to grow your channel to the point that it is making substantial money, it needs to be treated like a true business.


Partnering with a company that better understands the business can give anyone a huge advantage. Although it does cost money, (mostly with a revenue split agreement) it’s a worthy investment.

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