Google Ranking: Why Is Google Ranking Important for your Business?

If you try to rank your website on Google, it will be hard. Since its beginning in 1998, Google’s mission has been to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


”With a large amount of information published on the internet, this is no easy work and pretty much impossible to find the best search results without some help from Google. That is

 where the Google rankings systems work. The algorithm is established to choose and sort through the billions of web pages a

nd find the most valuable and relevant results in a fraction of second. 
Why should you care about Google ranking?

To put Google ranking into some perspective here are some statistics you have to know:

  1. 93% of all buying decisions start with a search in google.
  2. If you are in the first ranking position on the search results, you receive 42.25% of all click-through traffic.
  3. The second position obtains 11.94% of click-through traffic.
  4. The third position on the first page gets 8.47%
  5. The fourth position on page one of the search gains 6.05%.
  6. The other results on the first page get under 5% of click-through traffic
  7. The first ten results on page one receive 89.71% of all click-through traffic,
  8. The next 10 results obtain 4.37%
  9. The third page gets a total  of 2.42 %
  10. The fifth page has a total of only 1.07% and All other results get less than 1% of total search traffic clicks.
What do you understand from the previous figures?
Right, you have to be within the first results to be noticed, or you will be bankrupt. 
How to be in the first positions on Google ranking?
We all wish if there’s a magic button that ranks your site 1st without failure. But there are over 200 factors that Google ranks your website with. Fortunately, you can care about a few factors and get good results to soar to the top of a search engine results page (SERP).
  1. Keyword Optimization.
One of the most obvious ranking factors is using keywords on your website.
They are the terms users use to search for answers on Google. So, it’s so important that your website obtains the keywords your customers are searching for. That way, Google brings up your page in its first results.
To optimize keywords in your website, you should use your target keywords in:
  • Title Tags.
  • Meta Description.
  • Image Alt Text.
  • Anchor Text.
  • H2 and H3.
  • URL.
  1. Valuable Content.
You must have read in many places that content is king. And in the case of Google ranking factors, it’s already the king.
Creating content that’s unique, helpful for your users, fresh, and high-quality then Google will rank your website higher on its search engine page results (SERPs).
  1. Backlinks
After the content and keyword optimization, the third most important Google ranking factor is backlinks which are an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm.
Content and backlinks go hand in hand, as your web pages without backlinks hardly receive any organic traffic.
  1. Website Loading Speed
The faster your website is, the more comfortable the user experience for your customers and a high rank on Google search results.
  1. Mobile Friendliness.
Nowadays, all of us have mobile devices and use them for google searches, So we need a suitable website for our mobile phones.
  1. Domain Authority.
Domain Authority (DA) shows your site’s expertise about a certain topic and its ability to rank on search engines. So, you need to create great content that’s focused on your field.
  1. User experience.
Make it easier for your customer to find the valuable content they expect.


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